Wednesday, 2 September 2009

585 x 415

Anyway that you want me 

print size 587 x 325 

wood demon 

print size 425 x 600

the witch who made black lemon soup 

print size 525 x 335 

self pleasuring 
 print size 575 x 410

mushroom tea 
print size 1150 x 21o


print size 425 x 585

sweet tooth 

print size 600 x 440 

  oozing through the ozone layer 

print size -590 x 405

one smart suit 

print size 420 x 560 

electric head 

print size 585 x 905 


print size 570 x 450 



aburleson said...

Do you sell any of your prints? I am really interested in purchasing the "guitarist".

Will Carruthers said...

I will be sellling prints online very soon .
If you haven't joined the mailing list yet ,please do so .
The details for it are on this page and I will be notifying people on there first regarding availability .

kevin said...

i would love to get a print of 'anyway that you want me'....

is that currently available?